Our Patriot Ancestors


Our membership reflects the heritage of more than 150 Revolutionary War patriots, and below, by state, we share with you the names of these brave individuals.


There are advantages to having an ancestor who helped America win its independence, beyond just being able to stand a little taller on the Fourth of July.  You can qualify for membership in the Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR) or its male counterpart, the Sons of the American Revolution. Even if you do not  join, you can tap the genealogy information the DAR has been collecting since 1890 - a process that has become much easier with the launch of three interconnected databases on the DAR’s national website.


The DAR Genealogical Research System can help you in your genealogy research as well as assist you with the DAR membership process.  The system is a free resource that includes lineage information that is cross-referenced between Revolutionary War patriots and descendants.  You can read about the new DAR Genealogical Research System by visiting http://www.dar.org/national-society/genealogy



Timothy Ayer, Nathaniel Fuller, Joseph Ruggles, Jr.




Timothy Swaney



John Autry, Joseph Avant, Joel Phillips, Sr., Thomas Shannon, Sr.



Walter Billingsley, James Brookshire, Phillip Matthews, Richard Pierceall, Timothy Reagan, Zachariah Robertson, John Sutherland, Benjamin Turley, Revil Wharton, John Whitaker, Jacob Wilderman



John Adams, John Fife, Zachariah Hildreth, Caleb Richardson, Jr., Miles Standish, Asa Soule, Stephen Temple, Sr., Thaddeus Thompson

New Hampshire


William Brockway, Clement March, Amon Heald

New Jersey


John Bebout, Jr., Elijah Blackwell, Samuel D. Darby, Joseph Tindall

New York


Benjamin Allison, Jeremiah Bennett, Simeon Brady, Isaac S. Coe, Cyrus Kinney, Cornelius Whitse


North Carolina


Robert Abernathy, Jr., Thomas Ames, John Baucom, Sr., Johann Bodenhamer, Philip Terrell Burford, Jr., Thomas Callaway, Sr., Joseph Campbell, Isaac Cantrell, Nathan Clifton, William Freeman, James Gambling, Jedediah Garrison, Samuel Garrison, John Hollis, Joseph Howell, Jonathan Knight, Moses Lambeth, Charles McLean, Williams Miller, Jr., George Murrell, William Perryman, Rev. Samuel Pittman, Jessee Robinett, James Sellers, Joel Sherrod, Martin Speegle, Stephen Tompkins, Samuel Trogdon, Thomas West, Frederick Whittenberg, James Withrow, Moses Winters, William Yates



Ichabod Ashcraft, William Baker, Jonathan Buck, Peter Darst, Peter DeHaven, Thomas Duffield, Daniel Early James Fisher,  Henry Gates, Valentine Hollingsworth, Andrew Hunter, John Kell, John Knerr, Philip Longstreth, Timothy Matlack, John Matter, Jr., John McAllister, Peter Pence, Henry Pletscher, Henry Rhoads, John Casper Stoever, Sr., Christian Waldeschmidt, Henry Weaver

South Carolina


Thomas Charles Holmes, Amos Justice, Solomon Mitchell, David Peden, Robert Pickens, Lazarus Reeves, Moses Shelby, Jr.,  William Spraggins




Hezekiah Tracy




Robert Anderson, John Arthur, James Barham, Jr., William Berryman, Jacob Booker, Jacob Boyer, Charles Lewis Broadwater, Sarah Boone Brooks, Sterling Clack, Isaac Davis, George Dixon, George Doherty, Nathaniel Dryden, John Evans, Williams Fields, Charles Friend, Thomas Foster, Thomas Foster, Jr., Andrew Garr, John Graves, Samuel Gwinn, William Hall, George Harness, David Henderson, Rodham Lunceford, Peter Mauzy, Jesse Maxey, Hugh McAden, John McAllister, William McCune, Williams Miller, Jr., Nicholas Mooney, Morgan Morgan, Stephen Mullings, Michael Nehs, Sr., James Nourse, Samuel O'Bannon, Joel Pace, William Perryman, John Pound, Richard Price, William Rose, George Rousch, John Sappington, William Shell, William Skelton, Richard Stith, John Summers, Robert Terrell, Sr., William Thomas, John Trigg, Leroy Upshaw, Joshua Wade, Jacob Wheat, Daniel Williams, William Williams, Peter Wolfinbarger, John Woodson, Sr.

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